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» 100 Tips Essential to being a Smarter, Better Twitterer

December 22, 2009

Twitter is a fun and useful and powerful tool for the beginner or advanced Twitter. You’ll need to learn the lingo, mechanics, and the ins and outs of interacting with followers. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 tips that can help you do just that.

For Beginners

If you’re just getting started, be sure to follow these tips.

  1. Set up your profile: Give people a glimpse beyond what your tweets reveal.
  2. Include a picture: Make sure you add a photo of yourself so that your tweets will be more personal.
  3. Create a simple and short Twitter name: The longer your Twitter ID, the more space it takes up, and having a complicated name can make it hard for people to respond to or mention you.
  4. Just do it: Don’t just lurk-jump into the conversation.
  5. Make your profile link something that tells more about you: Share your blog, an about me page, or any other page that offers more information about the person behind the tweets.
  6. Share photos: Post your photos on Twitter to shake things up a bit and add some interest to your stream.
  7. Use proper grammar: Occasional abbreviations are passable, but make sure that your tweets are readable.
  8. Use your real name: Build your personal brand by choosing your real name as your Twitter ID.
  9. List your location: Many people use Twitter for local networking, so they’ll be more likely to follow you if they know where you are.
  10. Learn the lingo: If you don’t know what DM, @, RT, and other Twitter symbols and words are, look them up or ask.
  11. Don’t rush to build your network: Don’t follow hundreds of people right away-allow your following to grow organically.
  12. Reply to someone with @: Place an @ sign in front of someone’s name on Twitter to write to them specifically, or simply just mention them-they will be notified that you did so.
  13. Shrink your URLs: Use a URL shortener like TinyURL or to make it easier to fit into 140 characters.
  14. Use your mobile device: Tweet from your phone, iPod, or other mobile device to keep your Twitter updated on the go, using the mobile web or text.
  15. Find your friends: Use Twitter’s search in order to find your friends, classmates, organizations, and others that you may want to follow on Twitter.
  16. Go public: Keep your tweet public so that people can get to know you before deciding to blindly follow.
  17. Make it easy for others to find your tweets: Use a hashtag (#) in order to be more a part of a popular conversation.
  18. Use abbreviations: Make use of codes like LOL, BRB, and NSFW to save space and reading effort.
  19. Remove and/or block problem followers: If you don’t want to follow someone anymore, you can remove them, and if you don’t want your tweets to appear in their timeline, you can block them.
  20. Remove irrelevant words: Use only the words that are completely necessary to get your message across.
  21. Go private: Make your account private if you don’t want to share your updates with the world.

And, that’s not all! Keep reading by clicking the link below!

» 100 Tips Essential to being a Smarter, Better Twitterer.

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  1. January 17, 2010 5:55 pm

    This post is excellent. It is in the same spirit of my blog. There are a lot of folks out there like me (..ahem, older, and ahem…new, relatively speaking, to social media.) I learned a lot from the big dogs when I started out but so much of what I learned was by trial and error and just plain happenstance. I see a need for more of the basics to be posted and easily accessible for the newbies. Good for you for listing some really good starter information here. I’d put this on a billboard on the Interstate but suppose that would be going backwards in terms of marketing. Best to you and, again, thanks!

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