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How to make your newspaper rock

August 23, 2010

Hey! I appeared in one of these newspapers yesterday! It’s quite cool! Where’s all our journalist friends? Let’s put an Amplify Daily Times out there… just a thought!

Amplify’d from

Holy Kaw! All the topics that interest us

How to make your newspaper rock

Many people are trying these days. This service enables you to create a “daily newspaper” out of tweets. For example, you could select the @guykawasaki account, and you’d “publish” a “newspaper” that looks like this: Guy Kawasaki Daily.

Here are examples of newspapers using Alltop feeds:

  1. Social-media daily news

  2. Bacon daily news

  3. Tech daily news

  4. Macintosh daily news

  5. Apple daily news

The key to an interesting and useful newspaper is the inclusion of Twitter accounts with interesting and useful links in them. Here is a list of all the Alltop topics that we’ve already set up with Twitter accounts, so that you can use them in Each topic represents the aggregation of the latest news from dozens of websites and blogs for each topic.









@Alltop_Edu (education)









@Alltop_Innovate (innovation)

@Alltop_iPads (yes, must be plural)

@Alltop_iPhone (yes, must be singular)

@Alltop_Intdes (interior design)




@Alltop_NFL (NFL football)

@Alltop_NYT (New York Times)


@Alltop_Photo (photography)










@Alltop_TM (Tweetmeme)

@Alltop_TW (Twitter news)

@Alltop_VC (venture capital)

@Alltop_Webdes (web design)



Alltop covers more than 825 Alltop topics so we can help you create a newspaper that covers almost every subject area. You can even do this yourself for any Alltop topic:

  1. Grab the Alltop topic’s RSS feed by adding “rss/” to its link address.

  2. Create a Twitter account.

  3. Go to Twitterfeed and add the RSS feed to the Twitter account. The “advanced settings” in Twitterfeed must look like this:

If this is too hairy for you, just leave a note in the comment area below with the name of the Alltop topic that you’d like to use, and we’ll take care of you.



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