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10 Package Tracking Websites for Alternative Ways to Track Your Shipments

September 4, 2010

Tom Hanks playing a FedEx employee, ditches into the sea with a plane load of packages. Though reliable at the best of times, parcel services like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc. also hit bottlenecks once in a while.

For these worst of times, knowing the exact location of your package helps you shout at the customer support desk with some authority. Or let them be.

The tracking/shipment code is like the unique fingerprint for your package. All these parcel services also have a little tracking ID box on their website which let you know about the whereabouts of the package.

The parcel service websites are good enough when it comes to package tracking. But there are a bunch of other package tracking website apps out there that give you alternatives. Like pinpointing the package location on a map, or getting the info to you via a tweet. They also help to reveal extra information which might not be available on the carrier’s website.

So, keep these ten web services bookmarked for the times when delivery schedules go haywire

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