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5 Free Browser-Based P2P File Sharing Sites With No Size Limits

September 4, 2010

Having the ability to share large files is very important to a lot of people.

For instance, the other day I wanted to send a 25MB video file to a friend. Most email programs only allow for up to 10MB at a time so email was not an option. Who wants to put it on a USB drive and drive over to their friend’s house?

I wanted to be able to just send it to them. No hassles. No installing funky programs. No waiting to upload to some server in cyberspace and have them wait for it to download again. So what to do?

Let’s narrow down what the file-sending needs (or wants) are:

1. Free – as in no charges whatsoever
2. Browser-based – no installation of some program and, therefore, cross platform
3. Peer to peer – no waiting for uploading and downloading; just the send time
4. The ability to send large files – no file-size limit

When I began to search the Internet for file sharing sites, I wasn’t sure what the easiest solution would be. What I found out was that there are quite a few file-sending options, but I had criteria. We all have standards, don’t we? Check out these five choices which meet the criteria shared above.

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