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Balls | in over your head

September 9, 2010


Posted: 09 Sep 2010 05:43 AM PDT

Your fashion choices, your words, your decisions–all need more BALLS.

You worry what people think about you because they won’t like you, or they’ll talk behind your back. But really, they’ll admire your courage and adjust just fine.

You’ll question yourself at the last minute, maybe think you’re crazy, but sometimes, you need to be uncomfortable and make mistakes. Jumping this far will give you the strength to jump further next time.

Sometimes, I like to think about all the people who almost made the right decision. They got to the edge and then just… stopped. These are the almost-Steve-Jobs, the almost-Vivienne-Westwoods, and the almost-MLKs. They all had very good reasons. There are millions of them, and you know none of their names.

Where are you right now? What is the worst case scenario? How likely is it? What about the best?

Either way, you’re going to be dead soon. You might as well do something fun, in the meantime.

At worst, you’ll laugh about it later. At best… well, you know.

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