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5 Ways to Enjoy an Unfinished Masterpiece | Change your thoughts

October 17, 2010

How many times you lost an opportunity because you didn’t take action immediately? Because the odds seemed to be against you or because you were unprepared? I know I did this at least a hundred times. I avoided action, because the context wasn’t perfect. Or complete. Or just because it wasn’t the right moment.

Guess what: that perfect moment never came. Instead of doing something, anything, I left that opportunity pass me by. Even more, every time I lost such an opportunity I said to myself: Well, it wasn’t worth anything, since I didn’t found the perfect way to handle it.

Looking back at those situations, I can clearly see now that a single action, any action, as imperfect and incomplete as it may have been, could have made a big difference. Even if that action was initially a mistake, moving things around would have eventually changed the whole context.

And as I advanced in life, opportunity missed after opportunity missed, I realized that what prevented me to take action was a certain idea about being complete. If there was something missing from the context, the situation wasn’t complete enough, hence I couldn’t move forward.

Took me a lot of time to realize that things are already complete, in their inner structure. It was me who wasn’t yet prepared. It was me who was waiting for a perfect setup, a perfect partner, a perfect opportunity. Like waiting to create a masterpiece from a single touch.

And then I realized that the masterpiece I was waiting for was already there too. Every little thing was ok. Just unfinished. The context, the situation, the partner, everything was fine. But incomplete. And just because it wasn’t finished, it didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it.

So, I changed my approach completely. Although I was aware of the fact that things weren’t finished, I started to enjoy the context as it was. And started to listed to my intuition, letting my actions flow around, even if the overall configuration was skewed. It was my action which was pushing things forward. I didn’t need any perfect moment for that. I created it. Even if I was wrong or incomplete. But at the same time I advanced. I learned. I experienced.

Little by little, I even started to take pleasure in enjoying an unfinished masterpiece. Here are a few of the situations in which you may want to take any action, even if the masterpiece you want to create in that context won’t be completed by that action.

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