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A sonnet by Daniel K

October 17, 2010

Why is this pain within me night and day?
Shouldered pangs along life’s journey traveled
Why does this heart of mine to and fro sway?
Tumbled heart emptied here and there graveled

I can hear this lonely whispering voice
Darkness creeping in from sun-torn shadows
Sunset fading along time’s mantelpiece
Through my weary soul this echoed voice flows

Daily straddling the fence of life, I war
And tears flow, for I shall not surrender
Fury of hell, bottomless pit’s teeth gnaw
Standing hand in hand, brother and sister

Making it through, life is for us to keep
Though short or long, it’s not for us to sleep

by Daniel K Wentzel | Poem Number: 3986, Nov 4, 1997

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