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Seven reasons we need managers, not leaders | IT Leadership |

November 24, 2010

The United States is facing a crisis of management. Not leadership. Management.

Nearly three years after the start of “The Great Recession,” there’s still no end in sight. The Feds report that unemployment is +9.5%, but those figures are drastically understated. The real figures include people who have given up looking or are no longer on unemployment insurance — they aren’t counted. If you include those individuals, the real national level is more like 12% – 13%.

Across this country and outside it, people talk about the reasons for the slow recovery of the still-dominant U.S. economy. A lot of reasons are cited. Among the more popular are mortgage issues, fear of inflation/deflation, the growing strength of China, gridlock in the government,…and a lack of leadership.

Each of these is important. But none of them is the most critical factor. The single most important reason is that we have a management issue.

The United States (along with many other Western countries as well) has too many leaders. In fact, I believe that we’re probably “over-led.” And we no longer have enough managers; we’re under-managed.

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