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Slideshow: 10 most dangerous species of IT manager | TechRepublic Photo Gallery

November 24, 2010

This is seriously funny!

IT veteran Jeff Dray takes a lighthearted look at the types of IT managers and supervisors. We originally published Jeff’s list back in 2004. And, I decided to pick a few photos the illustrate Jeff’s great descriptions. Enjoy!

Check out Jeff’s companion list of 10+ most dangerous species of help desk caller.

— Bill Detwiler, Head Technology Editor

In my travels through the wilds of the information technology field, I have come across many different species of IT manager. All are from the genus ‘Procurator’ and are very dangerous in captivity. Some are now on the World Wildlife Federation’s At Risk Register. However, there will certainly be no captive breeding program to preserve them as most would be overjoyed if they disappeared from the Earth.

To help classify these dangerous breeds, I’ve created the following list of species and character descriptions of some common types of managers. These types are loosely based on some managers I have worked for over the years. As ever, this classification should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Caption by: Jeff Dray

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